GKforge peopleGKforge Pty Ltd – Australian International professional services firm led by a highly experienced and innovative professional; with a comprehensive understanding of the problems brought about through poorly integrated systems and the ultimate impact this has on productivity and staff morale. The personnel at GKforge build an environment of trust, providing consulting, augmentation and specialist training services to iconic Australian firms, Tier 1 / ASX100 across the resources, construction, infrastructure, technology and government sectors.

Improving performance and productivity through understanding your process-technology-people systems in the context of your supply chain, market positioning and growth strategy is a point difference. Significantly the GKforge team utilise appropriate theoretically based technologies, at the appropriate time within the best timeframe to optimise outcomes. The people making up the GKforge team are very experienced professionals specifically selected for their ability to contribute across the consulting spectrum.

GKforge leaders

Genéne has a well-practiced capability and understanding of the benefits, vulnerabilities and effort required to establish and entrench project curriculum, practice and processes into business culture. Genéne has built and deployed project capability development systems in large and small ASX100 companies including project controls for the life-cycle of virtual construction. Genéne’s passion is the integration of scope, time and cost; elements critical for optimal cost product and service delivery. Genéne’s education spans: MBA, Organisational Psychology and Technology.

Harold is a life-long learner, always seeking to understand, develop, test and apply new ideas from a wide range of sources. For almost 10 years he has taught part time at the Sydney University Graduate Project Management Programme, combining his industry expertise with other knowledge for his students in Risk, Project, Program and Portfolio Management.   Harold’s own educations spans: Economics; Management; Technology; Risk; and Negotiation. Harold has also presented at a number of conferences in both Asia and Australia and published several articles in business journals.


In 2013 GKforge acquired GK Corporation, a company founded by Genéne in 1996. As Australia moves into its next business cycles so too, is GKforge. Never before has cost and productivity been more urgent for Australian business. Over the last 10-15 years, companies have re-configured to get closer to their customers. It’s time now to optimise the investment to remove the cost, extract the ROI and see the productivity.


Working with other people… integrity is central to GKforge. Our vision is to be the company of first choice to all stakeholders. We will lead by example.

  • We are fair and transparent in everything we do.
  • We value and respect those who work for and with us.
  • We never ignore or condone wrong doing.
  • We are proud of our good reputation and strive to protect it.

At all levels within the company we want everyone to make safety personal.

We are committed to building an environment where everyone is treated with honesty and respect. GKforge believes we all have a unique blend of experience, talents and perspective and this diversity is one of our business strengths.

  • We aim to create an environment in which everyone can reach their potential, promoting a culture of dialogue throughout the company.
  • We select, promote and train on the basis of skills and merit.
  • We protect our workers from all forms of harassment and remove barriers to equal opportunity
  • We treat all third parties with respect and dignity
  • We promote and protect human rights wherever we operate.

We are committed to operating a sustainable business by complying with social, economic and environmental laws and regulations, alongside developing stringent standards of our own.

  • We care about our people, our communities and the environment we inhabit.
  • We comply with the relevant laws and permits in the countries where we operate and apply our own standards where these may be higher.
  • We are committed to developing high quality products and services.