CS1. Confident predictability with good governance

CS1. ASX listed off shore Gold and Silver miner. Head Office in Brisbane, operations in Asia and South America.  The Challenge: Establish and embed an integrated program level project services solution. A solution that enables confident predictability; a solution that can be traced from estimating, to contracts, to execution, to handover and value improvement which translates to an unambiguous; tight; consistently delivering confident meaningful reports.  The Solution:

  • A core suite of artefacts: policy, process, procedures, templates
  • Getting software to act as tools for artefact optimisation
  • Engagement that facilitates embedding new project habits

GKforge facilitated structured, unobtrusive new habit forming on-the-job coaching/ mentoring briefings of new artefacts. Confirming with the people doing the work that the artefacts add value to what they do; streamline expectations and clarify responsibility; place them in a position of control and certainty.