CS2. Transform from state owned to state enterprise.

CS 2. State Government owned corporation that builds, maintains and operates the electricity network in a region of Australia, daily delivering power to more than 1.5 million Australians with the vision to be recognised as a world-class, commercial electricity network and system management business. The Challenge: Moving from a fully regulated government department to a de-regulated distribution business operating under an access agreement and customer charter. The Operations Division ran a traditional engineering capital works shop. Budgets soared over $1b per annum, highly experience Project Managers were unable to keep pace; delays and over runs were common place. Budget blow-outs due to inadequate planning and forecasting became the norm. The technologies to support quality project controls were available however, could only be found in small pockets and were not widely embraced. The Solution:

  • Establishment of the Operational Excellence Program of Work
  • Identity and bring to the forefront the systems (policy, process, practise, technologies) that worked, to support successful sustainable capital works delivery …and get them activated
  • Tune the system and systematically commission across the operational division via a structured performance improvement program.

GKforge established an enterprise wide program of work to convert a silo business into a process and customer oriented business. Application of the ‘system’ to achieve the required step change in project portfolio performance and then handover operation of the Operational Excellence Program Office to the business.