With a focus on optimising cost and productivity our services align the operating models process, people and technologies.


  • Organisational transformation or change
  • Programme & Project management Practice…beyond templates
  • Collaboration…making it work properly

For example we can…

  1. Establish or assure that the right things are being done at the right time, through optimal resource utilisation that generates obvious organisational benefit.
  2. Assure that business processes and project control processes are interacting to value add not burden or add cost
  3. Confirm and tidy-up reporting enabling early identification of loss drivers


We can provide senior level

  • Programme & Project personnel
  • Planner / Scheduler…for both traditional and 5D BIM
  • Cost Engineer / Consultant..for 5D BIM
  • Project/ Change Analysts

 Coaching / Training

We provide bespoke coaching for

  • Executives
  • Functional Leads
  • Leaders & managers

We provide executives, leaders and managers with the understanding, tools and confidence to implement their vision.  Typically we:

  1. Design or re-invent: structures; processes; procedures
  2. Construct the Implementation strategy and plan
  3. Assure benefit sustainability

Reducing cost and increasing productivity requires leaders to be mobilised talking with one voice as the business structures are enabled and the people prepared so that new operating models can generate sustained organisational benefits.

GKforge organisational design framework

We work with leaders and decision makers, people passionate about growing their business through optimal cost service and product delivery.