rich data offerings

We work with Owners, Constructors, Contractors and Designers to strategically introduce construction/building/project implementation modelling.
Our approach is underpinned by Socio-Technical-System, Behavioural Economic and Supply Chain theories.  Pragmatically this means we:

  1. Build the business case for change
  2. Enable dual operating models [traditional & rich data modelling]
  3. Seek to build organisations [projects] that stream delivery services and methods to best fit the customer e.g.,
    • Owners issuing requirements to Constructors and prime Contractors
    • Contractors servicing Constructors

Whilst primarily driven by the Business Case ROI, our services aim to:

  1. Reduce margin loss through waste e.g.,
    • Material, equipment, labour
    • Claims pursuit and management
    • Rework
  2. Minimise profit erosion through:
    • Formalizing the linked between scope, time and cost
    • Integrating scope, time and cost

Our Customers are aware of the changes needed to optimize the cost of service delivery and they are willing to make the change.
Our customers are astute, informed and understand the consequences of opportunity loss.